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Cyber Security

For a few years now, the words "cyber attacks, ransomware, cyber security and phishing" have been inviting themselves in the media, internal and external corporate communications, political speeches and social networks. As for the attackers, they have become increasingly professional.

In 2021, the ANSSI threat report highlighted a 37 % increase in intrusions, passing the 1000 attack mark compared to 2020.

o this continuous increase in attacks, more than 90 % of cases: are human error or inattention. While sophisticated attacks such as DDoS exist, the vast majority of attacks use and abuse so-called social engineering schemes, which rely on individuals' lack of cyber literacy and psychological pressure schemes to steal data, money, and even the identities of both individuals and businesses.

To help you Telios offers the following range of Services;


Security Assessment

Define your maturity level
Security experts screen your IT for vulnerabilities
Proposes a short and medium term remediation plan

Elaboration of Security Concept

Covering availability, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, authentication

Awareness campaign

Educate employees about the most common and current threats
Training/Instruction and online courses
Simulation with phishing and reverse engineering

Information Systems Security Manager - CISO as a Service

We can cover the following activities

Risk management

Critical controls and safety measures

Supervision and coordination

Performance measurement and reporting

Communication and awareness

Cybersecurity: strategy, governance and protection measures

Security Management System (SMSI)

Definition and implementation of a cyber strategy

Evaluation of the level of protection

Cyber attack response plan

Internal audit and compliance

Security audit

Gap analysis and preparation for certification

Internal control system

IT Governance

Continuity management (BCM)

Selection of IT systems and providers

Outsourcing of activities

Data Protection Officer - (DPO) as a Service

  • Organization of compliance with the RGPD and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
  • Organization of data protection
  • Employee training plan and issue awareness
  • Better understanding of your organization's data flows and processing activities
  • Continuous evolution and improvement of processes and documentation
  • Professional relief for DPOs
  • Excellent investment for the service, based on efficient use