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With our DaaS virtual office solution, your applications are hosted in Switzerland (Swisscom) and your data is always accessible wherever you are


No need to configure or change your equipment

Your workstation shuts down and won't restart, your work is not lost! From any device or computer, recover your session and your work in progress

Accessible from multiple environments such as Windows, iOS, Linux, Android

Fully compatible with Microsoft in the form of a lease

Your office and business applications available everywhere

Online support and hotline


Maintenance and updates included in the rental (business application in option),

Hosting of your data in Switzerland, in secure Swisscom data centers

Energy savedreduction of the surface allocated for the machine room

Controlled cost per user (only pay for the services your employees really use)

Preserve the environment by limiting your carbon footprint, thanks to the reduction of the use of the power of your PCs